Illustrations no more! (Only occasionally…)

Okay, I’ve come to a realisation that it’s highly unlikely that I can maintain an illustrative blog. Haha! I’ve been so caught up with internship that I’m swamped with work. Co-workers have been distributing work all over and I had to help out in three websites and multitask. In fact, I’m going back to work on weekends! Zing!

Not gonna gripe much about work, but one thing’s for sure – Clients are a big headache! It’s frustrating working on the same thing time and again just because they refuse to give proper information. Other than that, everything is fine and dandy. I got to brush up on some HTML skills and I’ve been converting more than 50 pages of flash from pngs. *pukes*

So yeah, no more illustrations! Can’t help it. Too busy.


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