My Future is Grim

I just spent my weekend working in the studio for 12 hours each day! Now, that’s an experience!

Jobs were distributed among the designers and programmers, while copywriters had their lucky break because at this rate, they weren’t needed anymore as their jobs were done earlier. I had my fair share of converting mocks in pngs files to flash files and some repetitive chore of ActionScripting, mainly to do with external links and pagination (def: the numbering of the pages). It was quite exhausting and stressful when the workload never seemed to stop. The group leader would say that our work was almost done only to have more delivered to our workstations.

Fortunately, meals were provided and we had our fair share of KFC, Dominos, McDonalds and good ol’ chicken rice. Yum! After eating, it’s back to work again.

I just hope I don’t have to go through this again but just in case, I’ll pack my facial cleanser and a small towel. My fellow intern even agreed with me that they should have had a shower stall installed, with fluffy towels ready on the rails!



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2 responses to “My Future is Grim

  1. :@)

    gosh…that really sucks man. Guess it’s a little of how the real deal is out there in future…

  2. Charlie Sparks

    Yeah, painful.

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