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It’s been a while

Back in Cyberjaya doing the usuals – Surfing, idling, lazing around *snort* I’m supposed to finish writing up my internship report but I guess it’s not going to happen today. It has been more than two weeks since the end of my training as an intern and I guess I kinda miss working there… and streaming movies there. I’m too proud to admit that I miss working there and now I spit out all the sentimentalities here. It’s got me learning CSS and addicted to Facebook. Yeah, Facebook is a plague. It should be a verb is its own right and not some red underlined typo error. I’m such a scheming manipulative superficial bitch that I lost contact with friends and coworkers just because I don’t need them just yet. So I’ll try to redeem myself by reading up on blogs and poking people on Facebook (again). It turns out that everybody is up to something and I’ve got nothing to talk about except moan, bitch and whine. Unproductive, unproductive. I should take up a cause like “Stop Global Warming” or “Support the Kyoto Protocol” because I should look like I’m well read and well informed about the world’s pressing matters. Shush the incoherent babbling. I was lining up at the ATM the other day and pretending that I was staring at the valet parking service counter when I was actually checking out the cute hunk talking to his bunch of friends. Tight fitted tee to tell all those young ladies out there he’s either gay or he worked out a lot and he’s earned those stares. Couldn’t. Stop. Ogling. Punched my numbers, grabbed my cash and card. Walked. I was checking out his other friends and stereotyping his friends. Wallclimbing, backpacking yuppies into books, art and unconventional music tastes. Deep conversations. They were laughing and enjoying their conversation until I realised that the person Cute Hunk was talking to was my lecturer. RANDOMNESS. “Weh?! Hi!” We exchanged smiles and I gave him a bimbo wave and walked away sheepishly imagining their conversations after my encounter with him. “Who’s that?””Oh, my student.””Wow, lucky bastard. You get to meet cute chicks” (perasan) “Hahaha””I think she was staring at me just now though” Oops. Gunshot wound to the head.


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