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Graphic Fetishes

I just got back empty-handed from a shopping escapade 😦 So I shall drown my sorrows in browsing through cute tees from! *drools*

Cookie Loves Milk!



Tree Town!



Push My Buttons



I wanna buy dresses too! *sob*


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I come home to an…


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The Highly Unlikely

I think I scored a 4 flat.

For my two minor assignments.

Which sounds too good to be true.

And highly unlikely since I effed up my website assignment due to lack of time.

I didn’t even complete two links.









How did I end up with a 4 flat?


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Love in the Time of Red Bull

The holidays have finally arrived and I must admit that the past trimester was hectic and CRAZY. Crazyhecticrazyhecticrazymfhecticrazyhecticrazyhecticrazy

The new year’s gone by without so much a celebration (on my behalf), partly due to nobody inviting me out to celebrate and LAAAARGELY due to my perfectly blissful ignorance and indifference towards it. (Insert sound clip of blissful sigh) There was also the matter of being stuck with two minor projects to complete, one involving a website and another a tv commercial. =.= I needed more time okay!!! It was by pure chance I managed to submit in time, sans the web documentation.

PLEASE Mr K, don’t deduct 25% off my assignments just because of that one. Pretty please with sprinkles of banana pie crumbs on it!

Jason had been convincing me that Red Bull works really well when you have to pull an all-nighter but I was still pretty appalled by the old wives’ tales of people dying from excessive Red Bull intake. So I stuck to coffee all the way through from 1pm – 7am everyday. I slept from 7am to 1pm everyday and finally managed to convert my sleeping hours to what a sane person would normally adhere to at 11pm to 9am during the holidays.

And I have REALLY got to thank my boyfriend and my house mate for helping me pull through T_T Thanks for assisting in cutting and sticking odd pieces of paper strips and printing errands! I thought I could die if I didn’t submit according to the deadline. XOXO!

Random thoughts for 2008 (before it’s too late!):

  1. I want a pet in Cyberia
  2. I think I like daffodils!
  3. Broken Social Scene is heading to Singapore and I can’t go T_T
  4. I WANNA DO SOMETHING GRAPHICALLY INSPIRING but I’m afraid my think tank ran dry.
  5. I can’t wait! GigglegigglestammerfidgetgiggletrembleTREMBLETREMBLE
  6. Imissu
  7. I finally bought a wrist rest
  8. I got this crazy urge to buy this huge dooodoll to cuddle when I’m stressed and depressed. It’s called Cupido and it’s huggable!
Cupido Dooodoll
Big, furry, warm, white and I didn’t buy it! O.O

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