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Top 5 Idling Moments

  1. Listening to the music player as I stare out of the bus window.
  2. Lying in bed wide awake after a good night’s sleep.
  3. Waiting for the oil in the wok to start bubbling.
  4. Watching the movie credits roll as people around me clamber for the exit.
  5. Waiting for the kettle of water to boil.

Being emo lately. Expectations falling short. Running out of ideas for assignments. Self esteem running low. A hurricane of shortcomings. A flood of emotions. Drown, drowning, drowned. I should stop dreaming about what will happen five years later and start figuring out how on earth am I going to complete my stupid concept store design. Stop waiting and expecting, start doing. I can’t string nice eloquent sentences anymore.Crap.


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Black Kids

Jane, I’ve made it plain,
although I’m faded as a ghost:
I want you here inside me.
Say the word.
Oh, you’ve been playing nice,
but I can see it in your eyes,
you’re thinking, “Christ.
He’s everybody’s girl.”

You can’t spend the night…

Jane, I’ve seen you at the club.
You were tearin’ up the rug
with no regard for form.
You’re such a brute!
You had a ready elbow
for the girls you hate
or just don’t know.
You head-butt me,
cos you thought it was cute.

You can’t spend the night…
Yes, I’m sure you’re right.
But we could spend the night together.
Or alone. That would be better.

It’s Friday night and I ain’t got nobody.
Oh, what’s the use of making a bed?
I took something and it feels like karate;
it’s kicked me down and left me for dead.
It’s Friday night and I ain’t got nobody,
so what’s the use of pulling a shape?
I put what I want, when I want, in my body.
I’m never gonna give what I take.

Jane, I’ve seen the pain you’ve dealt.
You’ve been with all my friends.
You tell me guard my heart,
I might get hurt.
No doubt you’ll hurt my feelings,
and it’s a given I’ll be kneeling.
But I’m telling myself
that it’s gonna be worth it.

Hurricane Jane, Black Kids

P/S: Hi local bands, you wanna reach to me then write nice creative lyrics and stop screaming. I’ll be deeply and profoundly touched and I’ll start supporting you. Cheers. 🙂


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A Recent Sighting

Audrey Tong: hello
Charel Ong: my bf thinks he saw u
Charel Ong: and why the formal greeting
Charel Ong: are u not auds?
Audrey Tong: haha
Audrey Tong: yea
Audrey Tong: i saw him
Audrey Tong: outside the lib
Audrey Tong: 😛
Charel Ong: he said u had specs on
Charel Ong: lol
Audrey Tong: i think i gave him a half wave + smile but decided that he didnt recognize me
Audrey Tong: yea. with the spec
Audrey Tong: :))
Charel Ong: :))
Charel Ong: he always reports to me when he sees u
Charel Ong: rofl
Audrey Tong: haha
Audrey Tong: why?
Charel Ong: ure everywhere
Audrey Tong: he scared i report first issit?
Audrey Tong: 😛
Charel Ong: no la
Charel Ong: maybe coz he saw my cun chick-friend so he think damn gempak ah
Charel Ong: must tell me
Charel Ong: like cloverfield monster sighting
Charel Ong: *raaaawr*
Charel Ong: claw claw
Charel Ong: *stoned*
Audrey Tong: 😐
Audrey Tong: =))
Charel Ong: =))

(Lack of posts lately. No happenings. Not happening.)

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