A Recent Sighting

Audrey Tong: hello
Charel Ong: my bf thinks he saw u
Charel Ong: and why the formal greeting
Charel Ong: are u not auds?
Audrey Tong: haha
Audrey Tong: yea
Audrey Tong: i saw him
Audrey Tong: outside the lib
Audrey Tong: 😛
Charel Ong: he said u had specs on
Charel Ong: lol
Audrey Tong: i think i gave him a half wave + smile but decided that he didnt recognize me
Audrey Tong: yea. with the spec
Audrey Tong: :))
Charel Ong: :))
Charel Ong: he always reports to me when he sees u
Charel Ong: rofl
Audrey Tong: haha
Audrey Tong: why?
Charel Ong: ure everywhere
Audrey Tong: he scared i report first issit?
Audrey Tong: 😛
Charel Ong: no la
Charel Ong: maybe coz he saw my cun chick-friend so he think damn gempak ah
Charel Ong: must tell me
Charel Ong: like cloverfield monster sighting
Charel Ong: *raaaawr*
Charel Ong: claw claw
Charel Ong: *stoned*
Audrey Tong: 😐
Audrey Tong: =))
Charel Ong: =))

(Lack of posts lately. No happenings. Not happening.)


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