Top 5 Idling Moments

  1. Listening to the music player as I stare out of the bus window.
  2. Lying in bed wide awake after a good night’s sleep.
  3. Waiting for the oil in the wok to start bubbling.
  4. Watching the movie credits roll as people around me clamber for the exit.
  5. Waiting for the kettle of water to boil.

Being emo lately. Expectations falling short. Running out of ideas for assignments. Self esteem running low. A hurricane of shortcomings. A flood of emotions. Drown, drowning, drowned. I should stop dreaming about what will happen five years later and start figuring out how on earth am I going to complete my stupid concept store design. Stop waiting and expecting, start doing. I can’t string nice eloquent sentences anymore.Crap.


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One response to “Top 5 Idling Moments

  1. mystic

    i guess we’re all on the same page. hang in there girl and let’s get out of this whirlpool of emotions asap togther. 🙂 *hugz*

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