I Heart Rakuzen

Oh oh oh, I went to eat at Rakuzen (Plaza Damas branch) last week when the family went to celebrate my cousin brother’s birthday!

Upon arriving, we had to wait for half an hour before we got our tables… Damn sad right! Everybody had to wait for a table when we’re all so hungry and it’s past 8! I haven’t eaten lunch yet wei!

When we finally got our table, we were led through this labyrinth of a restaurant. You see, the entrance is kinda small, but the interior is awesome! Too bad I didn’t have a camera with me at the moment, else I could have put up pictures here on how awesome the interior is! Heart heart heart! *Eyes go sparkly*

I ordered a Cod fish meal called Grilled silver cod with teriyaki sauce. Aunt ordered the same but had the salty sauce instead while i had the sweet one. Dunno don’t ask why and what’s the difference. Ask the chef. I’m pretty noob on Japanese cuisine. The rest had eel, chicken teriyaki and salmon. I dunno their exact names! Too long, exotic and fancy. Or maybe it’s just me and my amnesiac brain. The fishes were fresh and I was so filled to the brim coz besides the slab of cod I had, I also downed the fruits, the chawan mushi, the miso soup, half the saucer of pickles, california temaki, my slice of my cousin’s birthday cake, half HIS slice of his own birthday cake, some cold siew bak choy and dunno what other aphrodisiacs. *burp*

Everything was fine and dandy, just that the kitchen and the waitress taking our orders seemed to keep fucking up our orders. Firstly, my aunt made the mistake of ordering salmon without consulting the menu. When it arrived, it was fresh… and raw. Cousin couldn’t eat raw, so poor salmon was sent back to the kitchen to be cooked. Then they made a mistake of delivering two cod fish with sweet teriyaki sauce when we only ordered one. Then then right! They served the chicken teriyaki with garlic rice instead of plain rice when the garlic rice was a side order ordered by my mum. (See the chicken teriyaki set was supposed to come with plain rice, then later they charged us for the plain rice and said we ordered 2 garlic rice.So confusing!) Then when we ordered california temaki to takeaway for my poor other brother who was stuck in tuition and couldn’t attend this glorious feast, they gave us california maki (the diced up version) and charged us double the price of the temaki we originally ordered! Damn fucked up right?! All the orders wrong like nuts!

In the end I had to go through the bill to double check everything coz everything was so wrong. What if we paid for something that we didn’t even order? The bill was not cheap either. Everything we ate cost RM300 plus, even the bowl of plain rice which they wrongly charged us cost RM3! If I don’t check can die. RM3 can buy me a complete meal of rice, vegie, chicken and tofu (if you hide the tofu under the vegie well, teehee) at the Cyberia chinese food shop.

Ok la, the food was great, despite all the culinary mishaps. I was surprised that dad actually said the food was great. He’s never into Japanese food and now he likes it, wonder of wonders. And! He never intended to order the eel dish and now he’s saying the eel is fresh and not bad and we should go back and eat again next time. Nice then say nice, don’t say not bad. Wanna compliment then don’t be so stingy with it.

So, everybody’s happy and we lived happily ever after. Riiiiiight. Too bad no photos, else I can upload it here and show off the interiors and the food presentation. Salivating!


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