I Caught A Marley

Oh my gosh I’ve started listening to Bob Marley and the Wailers and it’s surprisingly good! I mean, not surprising that it’s good because ‘Legend’, a posthumous compilation album released in 1984 is the best-selling reggae album ever with a record of more than 12 million copies sold. Also, not forgetting that TIME magazine selected ‘Exodus’ as the greatest album in the 20th century.

Bob Marley

I mean, surprising as in me, an indie music lover and mainstream snubbing prat could actually listen to Bob Marley crooning for an hour about injustice, human rights and global unity! I used to HATE reggae with a vengeance because I couldn’t stand Shaggy and Sean Paul going on and on in their accents singing about sex and love. But if I were to put Sean Kingston in my little hate list, Shaggy and Sean Paul can NEVER amount to the raw intense hate I have reserved for little Kingston boy. I hate all his hits, I hate his whiny voice, I freaking hate his accent! They have disgraced Bob Marley and reduced reggae into a cesspool of whiny and annoying so-called hits.

Listening to Bob Marley while doing my assignments made me feel a lot less tensed and gave me a positive vibe, and that’s crucial when I’m slaving away on work at 5am. It’s the time of the day when I:

  1. CANNOT take lullabies and slow songs.
  2. CANNOT take rock else I’ll feel angsty and get increasingly fed up about work.

No. 1 is reserved for rainy days and 1-3pm or when I feel like having a quiet time while no. 2 is when somebody pisses me off and I feel like tearing a few heads off.


Okay I kid about the latter. It’s just that these songs have a suitable time to be played and they’re not all round favourites all the time. Marley’s music is the type of music I could listen to at any hour of the day and still feel good in the end. It just feels like sunny days, balmy trees and white sand beaches all the time! Or chilling in the park watching life go by, children play and quaint little fountains. Even though his songs are kinda slow, but the beats allow the music to slowly weave its course and yet at the same time, make me feel good and alive. I guess the lyrics made a certain level of impact on setting the mood but I haven’t really paid attention to the lyrics in full yet.

I don’t really know which tracks I would list as my favourites because I’ve been listening to all the songs by the hour without consulting the play list but ‘Three Little Birds’, ‘Stir It Up’ and ‘Buffalo Soldier’ have been generating a number of repeats. Oh, ‘Three Little Birds’, ‘Stir It Up’ and ‘Redemption Song’ are the three songs played in the movie ‘I Am Legend’.

Right now, I’m just content creating product shelves and listening to Marley wailing. Mmm, one love yo.



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2 responses to “I Caught A Marley

  1. Tay

    Yeahhhhhhh ! Bob rocks !
    Shaggy, sean, kingston is complete crap! its no where near raggae. Check out these songs by Matisyahu – close my eyes and late nite in zion. You will like it.

    “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” – Bob Marley

  2. Charlie Sparks


    I think I’ve heard of Matisyahu. Will check it out!

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