Tastes Like Mood Swings


I… wanna shop online for clothes but I’m too broke now. There are so many things I wanna buy! The off shoulder, the black dress, the skirt…

Off Shoulder

Black Dress

Blue Skirt

o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o *drools* But again, I’m too broke and the skirt’s sold out.

Today’s a power day coz I slept at 7am, woke up after 4 hours and trotted off to the bus stop to go home and see my mama. Yesssssh, I miss hoooooome! All the insecurities and anxieties just washed away like observing the traffic road lines on a high speed. RANDOM SIMILE. Anyway, I specified in the above paragraph that I was penniless so I didn’t manage to get a present for Mother’s Day. So when I got home and wished Happy Mother’s Day to dear mummy, I apologized that I brought no gifts to commemorate the day. But you know what, mummy said, “Never mind la, it’s okay. You coming back even for a short while is better than sending a present back instead.” BAWLS. I felt so happy to be home even though my brother was teasing me the whole time I was back. Curiously, I’ve never felt so homesick in my entire four years spent living in Cyberjaya than I do now that I’m about to leave that god forsaken place.


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