A Longwinded List of Thank yous

And now is the moment for me to give all my sincere thanks to various people who’ve lent a hand when I was in dire need of while working on my final year project.

So heeeeere goes:

Jason Chee – For being such a chummy pal and offering invites to dinner supper class etc etc. I hate being sentimental but you’re probably the one friend who bothers initiating an online conversation and sharing stuff with me. Thanks chum! I’ll try to spot your birthday announcement on Facebook.

Sim – Lending me cash and allowing me to return slowly. I’m sorry I keep asking it back HAHAHA. And for accompanying me out for breathers when we couldn’t take the stress anymore.

Celine – Invite for dinner and movie but I declined. All wrong timing. But in the end, Prince Caspian tak jadi also right!

Liana – For being gracious every time and injecting laughs during sessions together by making fun of Teo.

Auds – For lending an ear. For supper. For CD covers and graciously helping me mend the silap typo on them. For organizing on campfire blog. For talking and helping to convince me that things might work out even when it’s almost like a cold case.

Brian and Ai Lin – For making me feel so incompetent and lowly, and because of that I shall strive harder. Coz your work damn awesome can! Oh yeah, Brian for CD burning, One night pc lending and loadMovie. Hahahaha. And buffet seafood and Iron Man!!!

Teo – For being Jarvis and yourself. You have saved a lot of lives assuming multiple personalities. When do you want Alive 07 wei. Thanks for loadMovie too.

Johnson – Can never thank you enough la. You lent your killer machine for me to render so many times until I paiseh like crazy, even though you had your own work to do. For dimsum too, coz I’ve never had a nice food session for a while now. Being around different people was kinda refreshing. I’ve got no qualms about semi deep lol.

Marwan – For your laptop. It. saved. my. life. With your laptop at hand, I have truly recognized the power of multitasking. Render while doing flash, RERENDER while doing flash. And the unconditional support. Here is one generous Middle Eastern dude with a goatee crushing people’s misconceptions of arabs and terrorist. lol kidding. You often make a fool out of yourself too. By the way, I’d love to see the final product of the Padi sessions. 😀

Ivan – There was a week when my computer died and your external hd saved the day. Damn trojan fucked up my operating system and I had to reformat. You were really helpful by coming over and helping me check out what went wrong with the old Buttercup.

Afiq – For being hilarious and really nice in filling in the details of conversations and inside jokes.

Dwong – For being a gentleman and driving us to dimsum and accompanying me back to my block. I haven’t had people escorting me back for a long time that I felt happy! Didn’t see you much during fyp though. 😦

Calvin – For scaring the shit out of my pants with the Alma impersonation. I don’t think I can forget the way you made those creepy sounds and giving a very very visually stimulating description of the whole scenario. For being a gentleman. I think I feel like playing Rainbow Six too. Shit.

Haze – For offering your pc to render as well. It was almost a render farm la hahahaha. It was good hanging out with you at night by the playground coz I’ve never had a decent conversation with you since everybody’s being consumed alive by final year assignments. If you’re reading this, do pass me the link for the fashion forum you visited. I heart!

Vinn – Render also. I really felt quite paiseh asking for your help coz I never really talked to you and there I was asking for your favor. Thanks for layaning, though I wish I got to know you better.

Boyfriend – For dinners. For conversations. For outings. For laughs. For being patient. For being REALLY patient. For trying to iron out the kinks.

Dad – For being totally and amazingly understanding. I was awestruck by paternal love. Mum – For letting me get what I want when I go home for breaks. For being understanding. For caring. A lot. For making me realise time and again that my family will always be there for me unconditionally.

Juin – For being mature and understanding and still fun to be with. For tolerating my nasty sister remarks. Xhen – For being an awful prat just to get at me and for being nice once in a while.


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