The Anticlimax

Yay, I got a Best Environmental Design Award for my BODUM Concept Store! People have been asking me what I was awarded with and I hate to tell them that it’s not money. It’s a plaque with the measuring tape (yes, a measuring tape!) stuck on it with the words ‘You Measured Up!’ written below and signed by the Head of my major, Mr. K. Haha, figures. 😛

I’ve got a Basic, Economics, Management and Accounting exam paper to sit for tomorrow! ANTICLIMAX!!! I’m supposed to be sipping pina coladas on the beach now since I’m done with my final year project! Appletinis!!! Oops, been watching too many Scrubs episodes…

It’s 5AM now and I’ve got my housemates yelling and punching walls in orgasmic delight while the other apartment residents are yelling below. I’m still studying and they’re yelling! Shush, it’s distracting!

I hate football season when it clashes with exams.



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2 responses to “The Anticlimax

  1. congratulations!! 😀

  2. Charlie Sparks

    Thanks! 😀

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