The Scam

I feel so cheated by the Cyberia SmartHomes Management! When I first moved into the apartments, I had to pay RM30 for a keycard so I can get in and out from the apartment block, which strangely was only activated in my block. Now that they’ve disarmed the alarm system and it’s obsolete, I can’t get my refund! RM30 wasted! I know some people might think it’s a small amount but to me, it’s still money!


On the other hand, if I’m not wrong and I heard it correctly, I can sell my hard copy thesis for RM500 woot! I really regretted ordering two copies to be binded back then because apparently, I only need to submit one but in the guidelines it was stated that I needed two. That was RM20 wasted for the extra copy. I wanna sell it off! Get rid off it! I’m not proud of it anyway, bleh. But NOWAYINHELL am I gonna sell my Situation Analysis for the brand I did for FYP. I worked hard for that one by interviewing people, deducing with the information I had, calling and harassing folks, scouring websites after websites for information on this obscure brand and counting product stocks one by one everywhere! Pavilion, Midvalley, 1 Utama, Gardens, Jusco, Metrojaya! I pawned all the malls! GRAAAH!!!! *stampedes*

Unless they offer me more than RM500 😀 See I’m so desperate for money.


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