The Closure

The ending for Indiana Jones is so absurd can! I didn’t expect a bloody *insert spoiler* flying away with astounded protagonist and sidekicks sitting in the middle of nowhere waiting the night out. Even though he looks like an old fogey now, Harrison Ford still has what it takes to be an action movie star. But I guess if they are ever going to make another sequel to Indiana Jones, *insert mystery man* will be the next to helm the lead Jones.

We drove down to the Putrajaya bridge for the last time and hung out staring into the lake reminiscing about our yesteryears. CHEEEEH, LIKE WE’RE THAT OLD ALREADY. Talked about flinging stones and boulders into the lake and other randomness. I casually mentioned that we should do another stupid photo thing the guys did way back during their first year to nicely end things and we ended up posing like nutcases in the middle of the bridge at 2am!

After a breakfast-cum-farewell session with Johnson, Jin Li, Brian and Teo, I came back to watch P.S. I Love You. I tell you, I can’t stop crying watching that movie and worse still, I’ve been having a cold since Thursday and now bai nosh ish sho shtuck I can’k breeeef. Ergh…


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