The Epicurean

(Clockwise from top left: Chicken Chop, Char Koay Teow,

Chinese Dumplings, Prawn Noodles, White Coffee,

Penang Laksa, Yam Cake, Tomato-Carrot Soup, Mee Suah,

Wantan Noodles, Lasagna and Steamboat.)

Foooooooooooood!!! The sheer gastronomical delight! So I’ve been gorging down all sorts of stuff while I was in Penang and Cameron Highlands. Well, I didn’t down everything and just nicked a bit here and there, but that platter of chicken chop, wantan noodles and Penang laksa was solely relished by MOI! *inserts evil cackle*

Alas! I didn’t manage to take pictures of ALL the food, like the Sar Hor Fun, Cai Kueh and Curry noodles coz they were all downed too fast! 😦 Either I was too starved or my brothers were. Or I just plain forgot to take pictures of them 😮

Oh well, I’ll be heading back to Penang during the next Chinese New Year so all is not lost. 😀

P/S: I swear I didn’t photomanipulate the picture of the tomato-carrot soup. It was really THAT red. Awesomely oversaturated red.


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