Like Bitch Like Owner

Oh hai! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything worth blogging about besides pictures of food. That’s because I’ve been bumming at home.

Yeap! Lazying. Idling. Bumming. Since completing my studies. I figured that I needed a short ‘semester’ of break since the whirlwind romance of love and hate with my final year project.

I’m not going to blog about waking up, brushing my teeth and having breakfast with multiple LOLs, but I’ll tell you about the incident this evening when I was walking my dog.

I walk my dog on almost every evening around my neighbourhood, armed with the Pooper Scooper and the Very Large Stick, the former for cleaning up after my dog and the latter for warding off stray or unleashed dogs. Very Large Stick is helpful for shooing off small or medium sized dogs, but not large dogs like the Alsation or a Rottweiler.

As I make my rounds, I observe and note which neighbours own dogs and if their gates are locked. If the gates aren’t locked, I try to check if the dogs are leashed so I don’t have to wave Very Large Stick around to fend off unwanted attention towards my dog.

So today turned out to be one of those days when I didn’t feel like clutching Very Large Stick, Pooper Scooper and being dragged on the leash by Hailey. I’ll admit that I feel silly carrying Very Large Stick around. It’s not a pretty sight watching a girl being yanked by a dog while she’s shoving her dog’s poop into the drain with a cane between her knees.

I was walking around the bend when I saw this Chinese girl (must be a tuition teacher) making her way into a house with an Alsation in it. I knew there was a dog, what I didn’t know was that it wasn’t leashed. Chinese girl stepped gingerly into the house and the next minute, she was backing out! Oh crap, dog must be unleashed. I saw the canine charging her out and then… turning its sights on my dog. It paused for a while and snarled, then lunged forward for my dog, first for the neck and then the tail. All the while I was trying to pull Hailey out of the Alsation’s fangs I was screaming for help. It took me 5-6 cries of frantic “HEELP!” before Sheepish Indian man (must be the dog trainer) walked out of that very house and controlled the canine. He apologised and led the dog back into the house before I assessed the damage done on Hailey. Fortunately, she wasn’t yelping when I touched her everywhere and there weren’t signs of blood. So I led her back home, stunned beyond belief that the first time in my life thus far that I screamed for help and no one came until later.

When I told mum about the incident, she decided to walk over to talk to the owners of the Alsation. The couple were already outside talking to their new next door neighbours when we came about to bring up the issue. The husband apologised and tried to reassure us that the Alsation didn’t mean any harm.

“She just likes to play, you see. She got very excited seeing your dog.” He replied.

That was when his arrogant wife butted in. “It’s very normal for us not to leash the dog. So when we open the gates, we don’t leash the dog la! Do YOU leash your dog?”

I was already agitated when she nonchalantly said like it was universally accepted by all for her dog to be unleashed. “Yes, we do.”

“So how do you leash your dog?” Why are you asking how we leash the dog?! What point are you trying to make?

“We tie her her by the side until we close the gate la.”

It wasn’t enough. So again, she asked condescendingly, “Are you the girl who walks around here with the dog pissing around cars? Are you the one with two dogs?”

The tables were turned now. We just intended to remind the owner be responsible and now she was the one interrogating us, putting on a defensive front and trying to change the topic instead.

“No! We only have one and we’re responsible dog-walkers. We remove the dog faeces everytime our dog does its business.”

We didn’t want to escalate the situation any further, so mum just reminded them a last time and off we went, astonished by how snooty and rude the wife was.

Seriously, do I have to let her dog maul my dog to prove that it was no laughing matter? And how obnoxious can she get when she was the one at fault? I can’t believe that such a beautiful and elegant lady can utter such a comeback to defend herself, casually reply that it’s normal to let her rather large dog romp about nipping other dogs and then try to accuse people of being irreponsible!

From now on, I will always remember to bring Very Large Stick no matter how inconvenient and clumsy it makes me look. And If I ever see that lady again when I do my rounds, I’m just going to pretend she doesn’t exist and look the other way. Like she does everytime we meet.



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2 responses to “Like Bitch Like Owner

  1. seriously, she’s one big dog herself. sokay hun; as long as you’re being responsible of your own dog. like they say, every dog has their day. hers will come. lol.

  2. Charlie Sparks

    yeah, can’t believe how horrible her attitude is wei… i haven’t seen u in a while!

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