Lesson One

Bring a flower stand for your graduation flower bouquets unless you want your arm to be sore the next day.

I was supposed to meet up with the gang today at Midvalley at noon but somehow I ended up reaching late at 1pm. And boy, I sure wasn’t the ONLY ONE LATE! The rest arrived two hours later. Figures.

So as I was riding the escalator up with Audrey to the top floor, I related to her about my very sore left arm. “Yesterday hold that bunch of flowers for so long now my arm damn sore wei!”

“EH YEALOR YEALOR! MY ARM DAMN SORE ALSO! The flowers so heavy man…” Cue laughing.

To which Justin, Aud’s boyfriend remarked that after that he was the one holding her flowers for her. Hello, that’s beside the point. Damage done already.

So I met up with all my old uni friends cramped at a table too small and chatted away at random nonsense. We talked about overprotective mothers, curfews and… rape incidents. O_O Funny that of so many things we chatted about today, those few issues were the ones that I can only remember!

Yeah so we were talking about us being daughters of overprotective mothers who wouldn’t let us go anywhere away from their sights and about coming home by 11pm. Oh, and botched overseas vacations. I almost wanted to tell them that when I was in Form 2 being a prefect, I was forbidden to join the prefect camp for two straight years. I was the ONLY prefect who didn’t get my parents’ permission and the ONLY prefect on the BOARD that failed to report in. I subsequently didn’t get to attend the prestigious high tea sessions too. Oh well, that stays in the past. I didn’t want to bring up my kiasu-ness at that time either. 😛

I guess every mother acts that way towards a daughter, sons don’t get that much mollycoddling. The daughters have to be home by midnight, inform mothers of who they are traveling with and secrets are not really secrets unless they’re kept in their own heads. Forget journals, diaries, blogs (if your mothers are tech-savvy) and smses. Mothers know exactly what is happening without having to ask the daughters about it. And when you least expect it, mothers will nonchalantly bring up an issue you have failed to inform them about and start asking questions. No more mamak lifestyles and late nights out because when you stay under their roof, you’re expected to comply to their set of rules. At least I think you get to keep your IC and driver’s license. 😛 Someone told me that he had to surrender his IC and even driver’s license at one time to his father until he was deemed at a suitable age.

Then again, mothers are just extremely worried for their daughters safety and wellbeing, what with all the news reports about rapes and snatch thefts everywhere. Women being raped in front of their boyfriends at night by robbers and being hospitalised or in coma for tripping when their handbags were snatched. Mothers aren’t wrong for being so concerned for their own daughters so even though it’s stifling to adhere to all their demands, it’s two things: It gives mothers a peace of mind knowing their daughters are alive and well and it instills a sense of discipline and caution in us daughters.

So until you’re earning a steady income and you can afford to move out, it’s best to just make them happy. After all, you’re living under her roof so you have to follow her rules. And as they say, mothers know best.


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