On Julia Rothman

Hai I’m back from bingeing on chicken rice balls, cendols and risottos. Okay, the last one’s a bit off but there is this really good Italian place near St. Paul’s Church called Bamboo Hut Bistro. I didn’t manage to try out the Satay Celup at Capitol Satay though, but I’ll definitely give it a try on the next trip.

So I duly return to my cubicle for more data entry.

*cues awkward silence*

To begin with, there is really nothing much I can talk about this job. So I’ll skip this and talk about Julia Rothman instead. 

Image taken from Julia Rothman official website

Julia Rothman is a New York based designer who makes and sells delightfully whimsical patterns. She has also illustrated for The New York Times, Associated Press, Urban Outfitters and a British children’s magazine called Anorak. Her work strangely reminds me of a friend’s drawing style when she illustrates with her trusty fountain pen, which is eventually finished off with Indian ink.

You can check out a review done by Design*Sponge on Julia or you can whiz right to her official website to browse on more of her works.


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One response to “On Julia Rothman

  1. mh

    owh wow! this template is much nicer! 😮
    I’m fixing my blog too but wordpress doesn’t allow
    template customising, celakabetul. Got my own domain to sell stuff:D:D:d Now figuring out how to intergrate all together….owh, bout the post, I like this artist too, esp. her “luxury apartments”.damn whimsical*dream*

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