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Idling and Doodling

The server was down today so I did nothing until lunch.


WAAAARGH!!!! I couldn’t do my work and even go online, there were no games installed and I just finished reading my Computer Arts tutorial files!
I think I’ll indulge in some creative expression. *rummages through stationery case*


I didn’t even bring my pencil! Heck I’ll just doodle for now. *grumbles*


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Let’s Bijou!

I can’t hold the urge to splurge already! I need retail therapy and The Great Spending Disorder is spilling outta my veins!

I feel like heading to the Bijou Bazaar this weekend and check out some stuff. It’s at Menara Hap Seng near the KL Tower and starts at 11am – 6pm. It’s the last weekend for the September instalment and it looks like they’ve got a great lineup of stalls open so let’s!

Anybody game? You can check out Bijou Bazaar with this linkie.

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The Imaginary Den Nestles In My Head

You know I’ve got this thing about furnitures. I like checking them out, browsing through each detail about its make and admiring the aesthetics of the design. It sort of conjures up nice images in my head of how I’d like my future home to be. Maybe a settee here, a rug there, a standing lamp over the far corner of the room there and some curtains for the windows here.

I found these pretty items in ThisNext. First I saw the wicker chair from the forwarded email, then it led me to the coffee table and since then I couldn’t stop clicking on the ‘Browse more items’ image row! Argh!

Is it just me and my hormones or what?


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Cross My Fingers

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can because this might be my prized ticket out of my spider hole! *proceeds to pray really hard*


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A Cauldron of Random Thoughts

  • I’m trying to draw without the guide of the pencil first. Hence all the ugly doodles.
  • I hope they don’t nuke each other when they get together. I’ll get cancer.
  • Do I have enough self worth?
  • The most common line uttered when people find out I’m a leftie is, “Oh no wonder you’re so good in art!”. Err…
  • You just want to trash me silly at the hoops, don’t you?
  • I’m just stalling for like, forever.
  • People keep saying I don’t write text, I print text because my writing is too neat.
  • Ditto with drawing.
  • I screw up too, okay?!
  • My favorite typeface is Franklin Gothic because it’s so quirky!


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Old Mother Hubbard: The Pantry Story

The best part about my part time job is the SUPER AWESOME pantry! By the way, I think I had more than 5 mooncakes to myself the past week, a combination of one during a family occasion and the rest were slices I grabbed from the pantry. I think I probably tasted more than 8 different types of mooncake flavours already, but the one I fancied the most was the Low Sugar series from Tai Thong. Not too sweet but just as nice! And no, this is not an advertorial for the mooncakes, just my personal opinion. 😐

This is an almost complete inventory of The Pantry of Awesomeness:

  1. Boh Tea
  2. Nescafe Regular instant coffee ( I drank this…)
  3. Cafe 21 instant coffee
  4. Indocafe
  5. Green tea (… and have since converted to this. I think it’s healthier.)
  6. Brown rice cereal with spirulina
  7. Milo
  8. Vico
  9. Horlicks
  10. Cornflakes
  11. Jacob’s Biscuits
  12. Hwa Tai Assorted cookies
  13. Toffee and candies!
  14. Did I mention mooncakes? There were 6 boxes in all and it’s now down to 1!
  15. KOHKAE!!!

No, I don’t nick them back home because it’s unethical and here’s a nursery rhyme for you!

‘Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard,
To fetch her poor dog a bone.
But when she got there,
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none.’


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A Secret Love Long Harboured

I can’t believe I actually MISS working on my Bodum final assignment.

I think deep down, I actually loved the whole process of conceptualizing a retail store for the brand, researching it online (and read glowing reviews about the brand), working on little details, consulting the lecturers and watching my work unfold as the computer rendered my 3D scenes.

I was obscenely proud of being capable for finishing my work on time and presenting it, even though I felt that it needed a few reworks here and there and a couple of my classmates did a better job at their own 3D visualisation of their concept stores. No matter, I think I did great on the brand research and concept and I’d like to think that I went the extra mile understanding the brand and its consumers.

I realised that I need to start something, a project maybe. I’ll start thinking of something for me to get busy with and work my brain on.

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