The Killing Time

I received an Excel file containing 7000+ entries and I’m supposed to go through each and every one of them.

Let’s be frank, this job is killing me slowly. Every morning when my alarm wakes me up I dread the day and try to burrow in my bed and catch a few more extra winks. It felt like waking up for morning school again. The same dread.

When I plonk myself in my cubicle I’m usually wide awake by then. So I try my level best to settle a string of entries in one go before the restlessness kicks in. Then I give myself a short break and it’s back to the remaining 6000 plus entries again.

I felt so listless and bored at one time that I just whipped out my trusty sketch book (Thank GOODNESS I always bring it with me!) and started doodling with the ol’ faithful Berol pen. It started from the bottom right of the page and has since occupied a third of the A4 paper. It’s madness! It’s not some crazily intricate artwork like a page out of a Star Wars concept book, nor is it going to look anything like an Artgerm work but I really can’t wait to finish it and fill up the whole page! 😀

Survival far outweighs job satisfaction right now since I’m put on hold by the scholarship deal. I’ll have to wait, then wait some more. So I might as well let somebody pay for my time and earn the extra rubles. And THEN doodle some more. 🙂

P/S: When I’m done I’ll scan it in and post it here. 😉



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6 responses to “The Killing Time

  1. Arachnid’s still hiring 😀

  2. Charel

    Yah, I know. But I need to leave for training soon, and then there’s a whole other bunch of what-if’s as well. 😦

  3. Charel

    K, soon as I can! Once I’m over the doodler’s block 😛

  4. mh

    wow your berol pen still got ink ah? 😮 gile lama..

  5. Charel

    yeah but running out already! Lol! I need to get new ones but I dunno where to 😦

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