A Secret Love Long Harboured

I can’t believe I actually MISS working on my Bodum final assignment.

I think deep down, I actually loved the whole process of conceptualizing a retail store for the brand, researching it online (and read glowing reviews about the brand), working on little details, consulting the lecturers and watching my work unfold as the computer rendered my 3D scenes.

I was obscenely proud of being capable for finishing my work on time and presenting it, even though I felt that it needed a few reworks here and there and a couple of my classmates did a better job at their own 3D visualisation of their concept stores. No matter, I think I did great on the brand research and concept and I’d like to think that I went the extra mile understanding the brand and its consumers.

I realised that I need to start something, a project maybe. I’ll start thinking of something for me to get busy with and work my brain on.


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