A Cauldron of Random Thoughts

  • I’m trying to draw without the guide of the pencil first. Hence all the ugly doodles.
  • I hope they don’t nuke each other when they get together. I’ll get cancer.
  • Do I have enough self worth?
  • The most common line uttered when people find out I’m a leftie is, “Oh no wonder you’re so good in art!”. Err…
  • You just want to trash me silly at the hoops, don’t you?
  • I’m just stalling for like, forever.
  • People keep saying I don’t write text, I print text because my writing is too neat.
  • Ditto with drawing.
  • I screw up too, okay?!
  • My favorite typeface is Franklin Gothic because it’s so quirky!


Filed under Mishmash

2 responses to “A Cauldron of Random Thoughts

  1. auds

    i’m just stalling like, forever too.

  2. Charel

    That makes both of us then šŸ™‚

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