The Art of Packing for Boot Camp

I’m heading to the Shopaholics Unite Party tomorrow at Plaza Damas and hopefully I get something pretty out of it. Clickie on the linkie here!

Countdown: 1 more day of freedom before I get packed and bundled and off I go to a wet and obscure little town called Taiping. Well, not really obscure but WHAT ON EARTH am I going to do there?! Imma packing two fiction novels for reading there, first is The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks (which Auds kindly lent to me) and the other is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which I bought for myself.

Check it! Illustrated by Chris Riddell, the same illustrator for The Edge Chronicles. Barnaby Grimes and Far Flung Adventures series! I’m a fan of The Edge Chronicles largely due to the neatly done ink illustrations, which are both intricate and very imaginative. So when I read about Neil Gaiman’s new book which is also done by Riddell, I just had to have it. There’s another version in collaboration with another illustrator targeted for the adults too, but I’m not bothered. It look good though. 😛

It’s crazy trying to pack so many things for two weeks but I did it!


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