Picking the Right Straw

Well I’m back… and I’ll be back shortly after I tie those loose ends.

A summary of what happened during those two weeks:

Culture shock, dodgy accommodation, monkey invasions, colds, torrential downpours, ignorance, nice people, severe brainwashing, mundane lectures and one huge dilemma.

Now, should I choose the path less taken or stick to the safer option? I’m still trying to figure out how. It’s all a lot of factors bundled together: Ill timing, rapidly looming economic crisis, huge debts, job satisfaction, handsome employee benefits and so forth.

I just hope I make the right decision.

On another note, I can’t believe I’ve missed the Kancil Awards Fest!


Two events have come and gone, namely the Advertising Unplugged workshop and Kyoorius Designatra. All held while I was stranded in Taiping! Woe betide me! Next up is Distilled but I can’t attend that one either due to an important appointment I’ve made. I can’t wait for the next year’s now but by then, I’m not eligible to enter as a student anymore 😦 Fyi, student admission is half the price, which for the original, can go around RM120-250 per ticket.



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4 responses to “Picking the Right Straw

  1. mystic

    yo babe! which branch you got thrown into? how was the interview?

  2. Charel

    I miss ya! Will explain it to you in great detail when we meet up! 😀

  3. fill me in too, yah?

  4. clairmeiz

    Charel : Hmm, what do you see when you tried? PM me ya 🙂

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