New year resolutions pending and delayed

Plan number 1 for 2009:

Charel ah Charel, STOP spending like everyday’s salary issuance day and start spending wisely else your savings will go kaput and you’ll run up more debts.

So, forget about buying the laptop, the psp, the converse, the flats, the handbag, the skirt, the external hdd, the palmers hair removal cream, the garnier eyebag stick thingy, the red heels… oooh the red heels and the exaggeratingly long list of makeup items. Phew. I almost sound like a bimbo just now except for the techno geek part with the cool gadgets there. START saving like a scrooge!

Meanwhile, clickie clickie youtube and play and watch coz nice ad cannot help laughing.

It’s like my dream house. Sigh…



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2 responses to “New year resolutions pending and delayed

  1. piggy

    that was a good laugh to start my second day of the year. lol. ain’t that every girl’s dream closet? happy new year babe!

  2. Charel

    happy new year to you too! 😀

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