My perpetual writer’s block

So hey, it’s been another grueling week and I have survived it! Thus far! I’ve been down on my knees last week (or rather, down to my <this is seriously good shit and I saved my brain from exploding time and again) designing and copywriting because the sole copywriter went on a blissful holiday to Boracay.

Yeah, I’ve been doing some copywriting too because Lou Sai (my creative head) said he wanted to “skew me towards copywriting” and I thought, hey why not, it’ll be an advantage for me to be able to cover and learn about the two aspects that make up the Holy Bible of Advertising. So I said yes and next thing I know, I had to write for newsletters and a press release.

I don’t think my writing skills is on par with some of the copywriters I’ve known because I’m not accustomed to writing to convince people to buy stuff. I’m better with random emo one-liners injected with emoticons, crafted with the level of English a simpleton can understand. But I love witty tag lines and creative (Gosh I’m beginning to hate that word cause it’s starting to get as annoying as an overplayed song on body copies written as if the words themselves can inspire you to do exactly what they want you to.

The power of persuasion from one simple sentence can be so magnifying that the next minute you’ll be out the door buying burgers at the drive thru cause it’s on promotion. Like prosperity burgers and curly fries, mmm curly fries…

But I digress, so… Now I know that copywriting isn’t an easy thing to do and I can’t listen to my songs while I get my brain cracking on the opening line of the paragraph. It’s so nerve-wracking to have to think of appropriate words and have rock music blasting and disrupting my train of thought. By the time I finish writing, my brain’s so fuddled that I just stone and stare into space for a while to resurrect my dead brain cells.

I have no idea how some of the award-winning ads can feature one simple line of sentence and yet, that line of sentence is so impactful that it delivers the message straight across without having to say much. Those that go, oh my god that’s so simple that even I could’ve come up with that but I didn’t. Same goes with musicians who write their own song lyrics, and no, not those lyrics that repeat over and over again like that crappy pop song telling you to shayke it, shayke it. Or that no-brainer that goes “Say what you need to say” x1000 to infinity. Those copywriters and musicians must have been smoking weed and popping in a whole bag of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to come up with those gems.

So here’s to saluting all the copywriters and some of my favorite indie bands out there and that I can never be among the ranks of all of you. Maybe I can but it’ll take light years and when I do get an award for some wordy masterpiece, it’s posthumous.

Mei, don’t gloat.



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5 responses to “My perpetual writer’s block

  1. M*

    I applied 8 months in advance for the leave, and getting it approved was akin to :
    – Drawing blood from stone
    – Telling Don he’d damn well approve it or I’ll stick my finger up his mother’s ass

    And no, I don’t smoke up. Not in the office, anyway. 😉

    p/s : NEVER EVER use Thesaurus! I made the mistake in the beginning too. I only use it when desperate or when Fran goes “What’s another word for…..”

  2. Charel

    Yeah, I read your latest post. Don’t worry, I’m not upset that you left 😉 And I’ll take up your hint on the Thesaurus lol

  3. haha what’d i tell u? u’ll do just fine…!

    i find it hard to write with music too, but it can be done. this involves something like shutting down a part of your brain… although sometimes it’s too much trouble and i don’t bother anyway.

  4. Charel

    how am i supposed to shut down my brain when i have trouble concentrating in the first place, tell me how… i’ve got the shortest attention span like a mouse on sugar rush.

  5. shut down verbal reception but still keeping the aural reception open. u want to hear the music but not the words, right? like a karaoke mode, so there’s no singing.

    ok forget all that bull. u know how u can listen to someone speak and just tune out and hear noise? it’s something like that.

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