A long post of ranting and gut spilling

It’s been a hellish week. I’ve been working on POSM for the two weeks on a daily basis and it’s now down to final artwork stage. Get it ready for colour separation and printing then poof, job’s done and I can probably get a brief break from the craziness that I’ve been in. That’s what I thought it should be.

Everything had to be done on a daily basis and sent for client approval, so everything had been a rush job. I’ll start work in the morning and fix those six sets of POSM by evening and send them to the client, then tomorrow the same cycle repeats if say, they disapprove over something regarding the visuals or the copy, or they come up with a footnote and request it to be in all the visuals, or they hate the picture we chose and request for another round of image selection. Then in between I’ll be  working on other job requisitions and by the time I’m done with work, it’s past 9pm and I’ll dash to catch the train home to continue with work. By the time I get home, bathe, eat my dinner and get back to work, it’s 12am. When I’m done with work, it’s 3 in the morning. It’s all so, so exhausting.

On the other hand, I’m hare-brained by nature so I tend to make a lot of mistakes. But ever since I started working, I’ve tried really, really hard to be cautious. When I’m done with work, I’ll run through them again and again so I don’t leave out any odd mistakes. But as usual, I still make mistakes here and there so it’s also my fault that I have to keep fixing my work everytime.

I had no idea how frustrating final artwork can get and I finally got my dose of it. When colleagues get back to me about errors in the final artwork, I take it graciously and amend it. Plenty of minor tweaking here and there, fix it, print it for review, then somebody spots another problem and it’s back to fixing it again, printing it again and another round of proofreading and checking. I had 6 POSM to handle and each took about 6 rounds or more of editing.

It got so frustrating when I had to amend so many in so many rounds I got angry at everything. I got angry at myself and work because I couldn’t seem to get it done with and my colleagues keep getting back to me about stuff to amend. I keep thinking that it’ll never end and I got so mad at everything that it drove me up the wall. It was just too many to handle at one time and I didn’t even have time to check for consistency in my work.

I need an outlet to vent my frustration because I keep feeling like I want to stab someone in the eye with a pencil. Or throw something and do massive damage. Or just stare out into space and give my brain some peace. I better start brushing up on my drawing skills again because my dream of being an illustrator suddenly seemed very, very appealing to me.



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8 responses to “A long post of ranting and gut spilling

  1. mystic

    bet you hate your producer huh?

    that’s life in the production line. just dont get frus and worked up over mistakes; only makes things worse. i’ve had a good share of it all this past week. we’ll get through it k?

    cuppa soon? miss ya!

    • Charel

      mystic: mm, i don’t hate anybody. it’s inevitable anyway. i just need to spill my guts out for my emotional wellbeing. thanks for ur concern 😉

  2. M*


    In the meantime, you can be a writer in my absence.

  3. WH

    Go buy a bunny then kick the hell out of it. It might just work.

    • Charel

      WH: aah thanks a lot for all yous support and concern. don’t worry, i’m still alive and kicking. kicking somebody’s brain into the wall very hard. see? still sane.

  4. if u become an illustrator… then won’t all this shit still happen with your illustration work?

  5. Charel

    aaah, i’ll be doing storybook illustrations instead and i like that! Even if its shit, it’s still good shit 😛

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