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Bring on the instant noodles!

Hi, it’s been a long while. I’ve been multitasking and working late nights, so it’s been exhausting. I think I’m burning out already, or whatever it is that describes the feeling of endless despair and hopelessness, and the feeling that I don’t have a life or something to that extent. Adding to that crazy mix of emotions is the thought that I’ll soon be swapping my designer seat for a copywriter’s. While still doing a bit of designing.

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. *Censors personal opinion*

I’m a designer by contract and now I’m filling in as a copywriter when the copywriter leaves by end of the month. I don’t know how it’s going to be when the time comes so hopefully everything straightens out by then. I’m just not too keen on working weekends as a designer while writing copy on weekdays. I’m putting my foot down. Saying no, or somethingĀ  like that.

See, I’m not a natural in writing. I’m worried that I’ll be facing a tough time soon adjusting to the idea of writing copy for every single job brief I’m going to get by May. I’m trying really hard to adopt that ‘come what may’ attitude (no pun intended) to work now because if I don’t I’ll seriously crack under the load of work and pressure.

On the other hand, I just bought my pair of Levi’s straight cut jeans dirt cheap from the recent Levi’s and Dockers warehouse sales. Two pairs actually, at the cost of RM100 each. I finally own a pair (or two!) of Levi’s! With my own hard earned money! Toiled through blood (hard to survive this industry without ever sustaining papercuts), sweat and tears!!! I’m so happy I can die! There’s a Pull & Bear warehouse sale coming next so it’s time for the instant noodles, home cooked lunch boxes and milo drinksĀ  diet regime again.

Behold, online conversation with pal:

Me: i need happies before i depart for the land of crazies
Ling: by land of crazies u mean?
Me: land of crazies meaning before i go delusional and crazy la
Me: before i lose my sanity
Me: before i crack
Me: before i burnout
Me: before i meltdown
Me: before i become a barren land of nuclear waste
Me: before i start chirping like a nightingale

Imma getting myself something HAPPY for all the shit I put myself through. I need to make myself HAPPY, listen to HAPPY music, read more HAPPY books, watch HAPPY movies and sitcoms and hopefully still stay sane at the end of the year.



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