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Aww inducing kitties

IT MEOWS! *heart explodes with joy and fuzzy feelings*

Check out the comment in teal box! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


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Vision on a mission

Vision on a mission
Percolation in the kitchen
A composition of action and diction
Musicians high on substance and percussion

Okay, I can’t stand not putting these up. Bear with the sudden video influx. 😀

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Brat Pack Mashup)

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Brooklyn Brat Pack Mashup)

The Beatles: Rock Band Opening Cinematic

White Rabbits – Percussion Gun (on David Letterman)

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The campfire session 2009

Woo, so the first ever barbeque party for the ol’ uni mates went by without a glitch! Damn appropriate too coz we used to call ourselves the campfire gang hahaha.

Woke up daaaaaamn early to buy groceries from the morning market, then rushed over to Cold Storage to get roasted chicken but realised that at RM11.90 per whole chicken, it wasn’t worth buying coz it was yesterday’s puny leftovers, so went over to Tesco to buy all the other food stuff before going home to clean and set the place up. Had a short snooze before guests start filtering in.

All this running around is so tiring that by the time everybody was gathered by the pit playing games and sloshing themselves up, I was pretty stoned and kept to eating and watching. Wouldn’t wanna get drunk before cleaning up the crime scene either. Well, everybody’s happy so I’m happy. It’s all well.

If there ever was a next time at my place, it’ll be a potluck session instead. I’m pretty smashed going all around checking prices, budgeting, lugging meat, taters, stools and tables. Anyway, many thanks to Haze and David for the drinks and especially my mum for helping me pull this together. She’s like, the superhero event organiser and consultant supremo in grocery shopping.

And one more, I don’t care if you have issues or not but when you go around passing watermelons to everybody, YOU MAKE IT DAMN SURE THE HOSTESS GETS IT TOO! Instead of ignoring her! Nabeh. Damn tired and stoned and I don’t get my watermelons, sure pissed la. Learn your manners, boy. Pft.

Lastly, PHOTOS PLEASE! Especially those with the drunkards in it.

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Hankering for some blings

I want this!

And this! Gotta remind myself to ask Tiff on Monday.

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My bodily functions have ceased to work

My wrist feels numb.

My gum is sore.

My brain is absent from work.

How la how? How to work?

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Verbal diaarheas in no particular order


Birthday dinner at the Brussels Beer Cafe and a Ferrari military hat for a birthday present coz I couldn’t afford getting him a gadget.

He had a pork bacon cheese burger and yours truly had grilled chicken and prawns. Good stuff. Oh, it ain’t a beer cafe if there wasn’t any beer on the food list. He had a Stella while I stuck to a potent cup of illy coffee. Damn, it sure was thick and a whole lot better than Starbucks! Brussels Beer Cafe is at Jaya One. It’s got Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe.


That’s probably the biggest shocker this week besides seeing Zachary Quinto drenched in milk, which suspiciously looked like some OTHER kind of milky white substance (Ah, my dirty little befuddled thoughts) but I digress. OMG Susan Boyle did NOT win! I think my mum’s gonna cry coz judging by the amount of times she’s seen that YouTube video of Boyle screeching to that Dream and Memory song, I guess she was banking on Boyle winning. Those and Paul Pott’s. Oh, and the lil tot by the name of… eh… I forgot. It’ll come back to me.

I Got A New Toy…

By the name of Sony Ericsson G900. If it wasn’t because of my K700 having to be permanently attached to the battery charger, I would’ve still stuck to the trusty old gizmo. BUT IT AIN’T TRUSTY NO MORE! It kept dying on me even though I only used it (sans attached to charger) to send an SMS so I decided to unplug the life support and pay my last respects before dislodging my SIM card. Here’s the beaut!

Yeah, I know it’s not the same as an iPhone or a Palm Pre but it’s all right coz it still beats using the payphone. I’ll start using the 5MP camera function to add some visual candy for the blog coz it’s easier prancing around camwhoring or taking random touristy pictures with this than the old D70s brick of a camera.

Oh yeah! The tot’s name! Connie Talbot! There you go.

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