The campfire session 2009

Woo, so the first ever barbeque party for the ol’ uni mates went by without a glitch! Damn appropriate too coz we used to call ourselves the campfire gang hahaha.

Woke up daaaaaamn early to buy groceries from the morning market, then rushed over to Cold Storage to get roasted chicken but realised that at RM11.90 per whole chicken, it wasn’t worth buying coz it was yesterday’s puny leftovers, so went over to Tesco to buy all the other food stuff before going home to clean and set the place up. Had a short snooze before guests start filtering in.

All this running around is so tiring that by the time everybody was gathered by the pit playing games and sloshing themselves up, I was pretty stoned and kept to eating and watching. Wouldn’t wanna get drunk before cleaning up the crime scene either. Well, everybody’s happy so I’m happy. It’s all well.

If there ever was a next time at my place, it’ll be a potluck session instead. I’m pretty smashed going all around checking prices, budgeting, lugging meat, taters, stools and tables. Anyway, many thanks to Haze and David for the drinks and especially my mum for helping me pull this together. She’s like, the superhero event organiser and consultant supremo in grocery shopping.

And one more, I don’t care if you have issues or not but when you go around passing watermelons to everybody, YOU MAKE IT DAMN SURE THE HOSTESS GETS IT TOO! Instead of ignoring her! Nabeh. Damn tired and stoned and I don’t get my watermelons, sure pissed la. Learn your manners, boy. Pft.

Lastly, PHOTOS PLEASE! Especially those with the drunkards in it.


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