My eyes are watering. Water, water, watering.

I hate it when people ask what I have working on at the moment so they can dump some other random job on me.

They’ll start by asking, “What do you have on your side today?” And I won’t be able to answer. Do I say, “I have Operation Cheeseburger due tomorrow” and stop there? Because knowing what’s coming, I definitely WILL not have just Operation Cheeseburger on my plate (no pun intended). Pretty soon, they’ll come back to me to proofread, do copy amendments, write copy with no briefs or even something I had no prior knowledge about. Or maybe there’ll be a complete rewrite of what I had just completed. I’m not saying thay I suck, but sometimes it involves some whole cosmic thing going on like planets aligning, ya know?

And I’m ALWAYS proofreading. New regulations. Before sending mocks over to the client, gotta copy check. They don’t know know time consuming proofreading can be. They think oh hey, just read through and see if it sounds right and bingo we can print it. NO. It never works that way. Everytime I proofread, I still see mistakes cropping up here and there. Oh, the designer forgot to use the latest copy. Oh, wrong picture attached to description. Oh, wrong price. Oh, colossal fuckup, have to redo the layout. I always have to cross-check using the latest copysheet I have and amend from there. So I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT, HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT, when they ping me too often to ask if I’m done checking. “Are you done checking?” “Are you done checking?” “Have you gone through the copy?” My eyes also bleeding already la.

I wanna stab somebody’s eye out.



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5 responses to “My eyes are watering. Water, water, watering.

  1. mystic

    Babe… i dont mind if you stab mine out right now. i forgot to bring my glasses to work and the computer screen is shooting out light swords which is making my eyes water and hurt like crazy!!!

    quit your job. haha.

  2. Mei

    1. Make sure designer has latest copysheet.
    2. Give fair warning to the Suits that you need time. Or do what I do : ROAR.
    3. BREATHE!
    4. If that fails too, er…

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