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Balloon fails to impress.

The copywriting course I was slated to attend was postponed until further notice. I’ve been waiting with increasing ambivalence for the day when the course would commence and now, poof, it’s not happening.

poof. I wouldn’t even give the word the privilege of uppercasing it like POOF! with an exclamation mark coz I felt the whole case is rather like a sore anticlimax. Like a balloon deflating with a low hiss instead of going to balloon heaven with a bang. Bah.


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Striking the right note

I just stumbled upon this adorable little virtual wonderland that produces all these gloriously cutesy fancy notebooks and sketchbooks and myriads of paper products! Well all right, it’s just notebooks, sketchbooks and planners. But they’re just so pretty! So pretty my eyes went diamond solitaire and my hands inexplicably reached out and clawed at the monitor.

The brand’s Daycraft.

Here’s the Juicy collection.

Fantastic isn’t it! There’s more!

The Signature, cOOl and Animal Pals range. Ah, imma squeal to death now.

*images from Daycraft.

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Victoria, In Contemplation.

This is long due. It’s about time I scanned it in before the paper disintegrates.

When did I sketch this? Hm, while brainstorming for a campaign in the conference room. The muse was Victoria.

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Hi, I’m not dead yet.

Just sick of work.

Oh, this is me after doing 5 newsletter revisions. Haha!

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