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Number one gets done.

Scratch the chucks. I bought it. Whoop whoop.

I almost bought a pair of grey jeans from Zara but I had to dump it back the bins at the last minute because the thread was unraveling at the crotch region. And it was the last pair. Dang!


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My awesome 2010 celebration.

This year, my horoscope predicts that I will be awesome this year.¬†AWESOME. How many times do I get told that I’ll be awesome for a whole year? Last year predicted that I’ll be down the shit sewers because of some astrological hiccup. So to celebrate this monumentally auspicious foretelling of biblical proportions, I’m composing a nice little wishlist for myself, of no given priority.

Here goes:

  1. I shall get myself some new kicks. Nice fancy footwork with stars and stripes and all that. And I shall slap myself for putting off getting a pair of chucks.
  2. I shall make sure I invest in something health-related, like say, AN INSURANCE, or say, A CHECK-UP. I can’t believe I survived the whole 2009 being ignorant.
  3. A girl can never have enough clothes. But seriously, I need more skinnies.

‘Nuff said.

Oh, and I’m going to draw more. I shall heed my calling.


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