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Underline everything, I’m a professional in my beloved white shirt.

Now now now, them boys are getting all the huge, manly, sartorial love and attention from GQ in their shiny new suits!

(Photo credits to GQ USA)

Aaah, Matt. You shall live forever in my dreams and daylight fantasies.


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Oh, the things I do with the luxury of time.

Guess what? By some odd twist of events, I stumbled upon John Hafiz’s tumblr, and I didn’t recognise him until page 2. Then I thought, heeeey the name John Hafiz sounds awfully familiar. Perhaps he’s the guy that Brian told me about. You know, the one with the outlandish blog that’s so full of himself, albeit in an amusing way? The one who professes to be a  “Lelaki import yang membuatkan gadis, wanita dan perempuan tempatan ada sebab kukuh untuk berhias“? And the one who conjured up an imaginary girlfriend by the name of Samantha?

Anyway, what brought me to him was this video link of an unconventional wedding invite on Ninie Ahmad’s blog. So I clicked and watched. It’s rather charming in its indie, polaroid-inspired fashion.

Here’s his Vimeo.

Here’s his tumblr.

And here’s his detestable (but oh so recognisable) (s)mugshot:

(photo credits to JHZ + PDSN)

Yep, the guy on right.

On a side note, Astro’s Disney channel’s Fish Hook rich banners are fucking annoying. In fact, all them Disney channel rich banners are. They pop up when you least expect them to, and start blaring in this squealing cartoon voice that’s supposed to lure you into playing them mind-bending interactive games. Astro, you don’t know how much I’d like the disable the flash plugin on my browser. And for the love of all things animated, stop riddling pages top, left and right with instant loading banners. It’s a total deluge of crud-vertising.

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