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To mum dearest, Melbourne Day 1 (Part 2)

“After taking a break at Sulin’s place, we went down 2 blocks away to attend a gig at a place called The Toff. Two local bands were playing that night, one was called The Good China Band and the other was Jack’s Castle. I had a pint of Dab beer while watching the performance. The good thing about the nightscene nowadays is that you’re not allowed to smoke indoors, so it was a pretty clean environment, except for people dancing away while having a pint at hand. Smokers were supposed to go outdoors to take a puff or else they’ll get fine.

The band performances were pretty good, very folksy with some upbeat tunes. And somehow, Jack’s Castle was pretty popular there because people were singing away to the band.

After that, we went to get a Souvlaki at Stalactites. Don ordered a mixed souvlaki with chicken and lamb in it. It’s almost like kebab with the meat being grilled on a skewer, and wrapped in pita with lettuce, tomato, onion and homemade tzatziki in it. It’s opened 24 hours.

Credits: NaturalBornFoodie @ TripAdvisor

Oh, I didn’t try McDonald’s here because apparently, this place called Hungry Jack’s is a lot better. And true to it, it IS alot better than Maccas. That’s what they call McDonald’s around here. I had a bite out of Sulin’s Chargrilled Chicken burger. NICE! Smelled a lot better than McDonald’s too. And it’s opened 24/7.

And oh, apparently some whites here are pretty racist. Brian told me he went to a bar with an Indian man and a white bloke approached the Indian and started insulting him, saying stuff like “You people come here and steal our jobs, drive all the taxis…”

It’s 3.55AM now and I’m gonna head to bed soon.”


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To mum dearest, Melbourne Day 1 (Part 1)

“Landed at Melbourne Airport and Boyfriend’s sister picked us up.

We went to Lygon Street to have lunch. Italian food at Villa Romana. I had Risotto Pescatora and Cafe Latte. Generous portion, albeit too big for me. I couldn’t finish my food. The risotto was $19.90 with plenty of fresh prawns, scallops, fish and calamari. GOOD FOOD! I had a taste of their local lager called Cascade, which was so much better than Tiger back at home. It was very smooth I don’t think I’ll mind having one myself. Don’t worry, I won’t drink myself silly here.

Next, we strolled down probably two blocks away for coffee at a place called Brunetti. I ordered Coppa Tiramisu (Coffee tiramisu with coffee liquor) and New York Cheesecake. The cheesecake was FABULOUS! Rich cheese and delicious with every bite. You’d absolutely love it. I was so full after the risotto but I couldn’t bear wasting the cakes. The tiramisu was really good too, hints of liquor but not very heavy. Ordered a cup of cappucino. The cakes were $5.90 each, and Brunetti had a wall of designer postcards.

The streets are filled with buildings in bricks, very earthy colours with a splash of vibrant yellow, green or red here and there. When I walked by street corners, I could see some of the buildings had worn brick walls with rusty pipeworks. Nice!

It’s 5.08PM now, three hours earlier than in KL. Pretty smashed now but my mind’s still racing because there are lots of sights to take in. The flight was long and tiring coz there was this kid who wouldn’t stop howling during the flight. Couldn’t sleep at all, but I managed forty winks here and there.

I’ll probably head down a while later. Will update when I’m free. Photos will have to wait, sorry! I haven’t bought credit for the prepaid SIM card yet so I haven’t been able to call anyone. Will find time to later.

That’s it for now. Ta!”

– Pardon the choppy sentence structures! I don’t tend to write like a literary genius when I’m composing an email to my mum.

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The Art of Packing for Boot Camp

I’m heading to the Shopaholics Unite Party tomorrow at Plaza Damas and hopefully I get something pretty out of it. Clickie on the linkie here!

Countdown: 1 more day of freedom before I get packed and bundled and off I go to a wet and obscure little town called Taiping. Well, not really obscure but WHAT ON EARTH am I going to do there?! Imma packing two fiction novels for reading there, first is The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks (which Auds kindly lent to me) and the other is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which I bought for myself.

Check it! Illustrated by Chris Riddell, the same illustrator for The Edge Chronicles. Barnaby Grimes and Far Flung Adventures series! I’m a fan of The Edge Chronicles largely due to the neatly done ink illustrations, which are both intricate and very imaginative. So when I read about Neil Gaiman’s new book which is also done by Riddell, I just had to have it. There’s another version in collaboration with another illustrator targeted for the adults too, but I’m not bothered. It look good though. 😛

It’s crazy trying to pack so many things for two weeks but I did it!

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Let’s Bijou!

I can’t hold the urge to splurge already! I need retail therapy and The Great Spending Disorder is spilling outta my veins!

I feel like heading to the Bijou Bazaar this weekend and check out some stuff. It’s at Menara Hap Seng near the KL Tower and starts at 11am – 6pm. It’s the last weekend for the September instalment and it looks like they’ve got a great lineup of stalls open so let’s!

Anybody game? You can check out Bijou Bazaar with this linkie.

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And Off We Eat

Tomorrow I set off for the land of red building and chicken rice balls.


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The Escapade

Guess where I’ve been…




More of this later on!

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Green Pastures


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