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Balloon fails to impress.

The copywriting course I was slated to attend was postponed until further notice. I’ve been waiting with increasing ambivalence for the day when the course would commence and now, poof, it’s not happening.

poof. I wouldn’t even give the word the privilege of uppercasing it like POOF! with an exclamation mark coz I felt the whole case is rather like a sore anticlimax. Like a balloon deflating with a low hiss instead of going to balloon heaven with a bang. Bah.


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Knee Deep

I am in deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep trouble.

Ah, yes I am.

*sinks further into the mud*


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Something’s wrong

I’ve got so much to say but I don’t know where to start.

I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, heading the right way. I don’t even know if I started off right. Why is that? I haven’t even asked. I’m afraid to ask why and so I’m putting it off. Maybe after a month and see how it goes, I’ll think. Then the seasons pass and I’ll still be stuck in the same rut, rotting in the same hole and wondering where I’ve gone wrong.

My face is a mess. I don’t know what triggered all the sudden breakouts and I’m tired of looking at skincare ads and thinking when on earth can I get skin so clear, so smooth that I don’t need makeup. I need a skincare regime. That’s as far as I’ve planned out. That and drinking lots and lots of water. Gallons of it, tanks of it, just hose me down with H2O and I’ll be happy as a lark and bloated as a pufferfish. Coffee is off the list too. I think the sudden onslaught of pimples were brought on by my spontaneous change of diet. I’ll give it a month. See? It’s happening again. A month.

I don’t know what went wrong and I’m tired of being the same old me. I’m gonna dye my hair by the weekend or summat. Get a trim.

A trim. Which reminds me of a downright amusing conversation I heard in the lift. I was sandwiched between two 30 something women in the lift heading down when one of them lifted up her right hand, gestured with her two fingers in a snipping motion and told her colleague, “Remember to trim your bonsai.” And then she repeated it again. “Trim your bonsai.” My creative head was in front of me, silently bowing his head and shaking in spasms. I wasn’t faring any better. I was chuckling while pretending to be in a decent conversation with another colleague. And it got worse. “Cannot watch TV while trimming la.” “I remember it was flowering already.” I tell you, I was DYING for the lift doors to open so I can start laughing like an idiot with a screw loose.

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Picking the Right Straw

Well I’m back… and I’ll be back shortly after I tie those loose ends.

A summary of what happened during those two weeks:

Culture shock, dodgy accommodation, monkey invasions, colds, torrential downpours, ignorance, nice people, severe brainwashing, mundane lectures and one huge dilemma.

Now, should I choose the path less taken or stick to the safer option? I’m still trying to figure out how. It’s all a lot of factors bundled together: Ill timing, rapidly looming economic crisis, huge debts, job satisfaction, handsome employee benefits and so forth.

I just hope I make the right decision.

On another note, I can’t believe I’ve missed the Kancil Awards Fest!


Two events have come and gone, namely the Advertising Unplugged workshop and Kyoorius Designatra. All held while I was stranded in Taiping! Woe betide me! Next up is Distilled but I can’t attend that one either due to an important appointment I’ve made. I can’t wait for the next year’s now but by then, I’m not eligible to enter as a student anymore 😦 Fyi, student admission is half the price, which for the original, can go around RM120-250 per ticket.


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Persistent Bugging Should Be Exercised With Caution

There was this grumpy auntie driving a big expensive car behind me who wouldn’t stop honking because I was waiting for the traffic to subside a little. Auntie had her crabby panties on because we were at a junction with fast traffic and I wouldn’t budge. I bet she’s the same kind of woman who double parks at other people’s inconvenience just so she can pay her bills.

Maybe I should get a big black mean-looking truck next time. Bah!

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The Golden Gates of Shoe Heaven

My ballet flats have finally gone to shoe heaven. It suffered from multiple lacerations and fractures before succumbing to its fate.

Time of death was pronounced when I was walking to a new Wanton Mee stall near the office and I realised that my shoe is plopping onto the ground strangely. One glance to the back and lo and behold, the right sole of the shoe was hanging limply by the edge. I went straight back and applied two strips of cellophane tape to each sides of the bottom of the shoe for some last ditch hold. By the time I got home, they were unceremoniously dumped in the garbage bin.

RIP, my dear flats.

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My Second Part Time Stint

As some of you might know, I’m now working part time doing data entry at a multinational company that manufactures bearings.

I figured I needed to do SOMETHING with the amount of time I had in my hands and the best way to do something about it was to earn a little pocket money. RM8 an hour is not bad considering that all I need to do is to key in data in front of the computer. My last part time stint involved standing, smiling, folding clothes and punching numbers on the cash register for RM30 a day and it wasn’t really exhilarating. This one isn’t too, but at least I’m earning RM3 more for every hour I work. 😛

I arrived at the office building on Monday to be told that my superior had taken an MC and I had no further instructions but to set for home instead. (Menjalara – Sungai Buluh)2 = 20 km worth of petrol spent and I returned home without a penny earned! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t miffed. And to think that I drove 10km out and back! Through a bustling city and fast traffic with car drivers who don’t signal before they cut into my lane and cars tailing freakingly close to me just to petrify me. Okay la, even though I didn’t get to work but at least I tried driving out. Yayness.

On the second day, I was given a 130 page book and instructed to key in the current products price list. By noon, I was dying to get out already. Lunch time came and I was introduced to some of my colleagues who were friendly and down-to-earth. I tried joining in conversations that didn’t involve dealing with customers and account handling. I complimented a colleague’s Crocodile sequined sandals instead. Oh, and I found out that I can’t gain access to my email, YouTube, any gossip blogs, music sites and streaming videos because they’re all blocked. 😦 How can?! I can’t survive just with Excel! I’m starting to miss my old intern company. *sob*

I sustained a major papercut injury on the third day when I tried to flip open my 130 page price listing book. A papercut! In god knows how many years that I’ve been around sketch papers, art blocks and documents and now I get a papercut injury that wouldn’t stop bleeding! On my middle finger nonetheless. Now I get to flip off at people while moaning and showing off my poor injured finger.

Today’s the fourth day at work and I’ve been sensible enough to bring along a pen drive worth of songs to occupy myself while I go about this mundane business of punching letters and numbers on Microsoft Excel. So while I’m nodding my head off to Bixby Canyon Bridge I can still faintly hear my colleagues chattering away in a smattering of Hokkien and Cantonese in the background.

“Orh, ahn nee kuan mai chap siao ee lar. Lu baa lu fax guei ker.” (Oh, then don’t bother about him, You fax it over now.) Thank goodness I know the dialect, else I’m not sure how I’m going to fit in here.

Oh yeah, everybody loves Uncle Lim around here. They always holler to him affectionately from the other end of the office.

*By the way, I can’t online message in the office either. So pardon my absence from the online chat sphere.


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