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Karen, put me in a chair, fuck me and make me a drink

I’ve lost direction, I’m past my peak

I’m telling you this isn’t me

No, this isn’t me

Karen, believe me, you haven’t seen my good side yet

– The National.


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Random Mini Project

Imma embark on a teensy weensy project, aptly titled the ‘Three Word Status’. Three Word Status is a spontaneous account of daily events, humorous or personal, published on my messenger. Stories unfold here.

So far, the list is short but peel your eyes and plug in your peripherals, for it WILL grow (depending on my level of enthusiasm, cross my knobby fingers).

List so far:

  1. Curb your appetite
  2. Handle with care
  3. House on fire

Cross my knobby fingers.


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Number one gets done.

Scratch the chucks. I bought it. Whoop whoop.

I almost bought a pair of grey jeans from Zara but I had to dump it back the bins at the last minute because the thread was unraveling at the crotch region. And it was the last pair. Dang!

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My awesome 2010 celebration.

This year, my horoscope predicts that I will be awesome this year. AWESOME. How many times do I get told that I’ll be awesome for a whole year? Last year predicted that I’ll be down the shit sewers because of some astrological hiccup. So to celebrate this monumentally auspicious foretelling of biblical proportions, I’m composing a nice little wishlist for myself, of no given priority.

Here goes:

  1. I shall get myself some new kicks. Nice fancy footwork with stars and stripes and all that. And I shall slap myself for putting off getting a pair of chucks.
  2. I shall make sure I invest in something health-related, like say, AN INSURANCE, or say, A CHECK-UP. I can’t believe I survived the whole 2009 being ignorant.
  3. A girl can never have enough clothes. But seriously, I need more skinnies.

‘Nuff said.

Oh, and I’m going to draw more. I shall heed my calling.


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Victoria, In Contemplation.

This is long due. It’s about time I scanned it in before the paper disintegrates.

When did I sketch this? Hm, while brainstorming for a campaign in the conference room. The muse was Victoria.

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Hi, I’m not dead yet.

Just sick of work.

Oh, this is me after doing 5 newsletter revisions. Haha!

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Picking the Right Straw

Well I’m back… and I’ll be back shortly after I tie those loose ends.

A summary of what happened during those two weeks:

Culture shock, dodgy accommodation, monkey invasions, colds, torrential downpours, ignorance, nice people, severe brainwashing, mundane lectures and one huge dilemma.

Now, should I choose the path less taken or stick to the safer option? I’m still trying to figure out how. It’s all a lot of factors bundled together: Ill timing, rapidly looming economic crisis, huge debts, job satisfaction, handsome employee benefits and so forth.

I just hope I make the right decision.

On another note, I can’t believe I’ve missed the Kancil Awards Fest!


Two events have come and gone, namely the Advertising Unplugged workshop and Kyoorius Designatra. All held while I was stranded in Taiping! Woe betide me! Next up is Distilled but I can’t attend that one either due to an important appointment I’ve made. I can’t wait for the next year’s now but by then, I’m not eligible to enter as a student anymore 😦 Fyi, student admission is half the price, which for the original, can go around RM120-250 per ticket.


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