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The ultimate office essentials, no not kilometricos

This post is dedicated to the Boss. In order to boost productivity, you need to make your employees happy. In order to make your employees happy, you need to submit to their whims and fancies, like buying what you may think are non-essential items but in actual fact, they’re vital to sustain the seemingly dwindling lifeforce of your minions.

So here are 2 very important (and cute too) life-saving tools you can get for us:

1. Dunk Mug ($13.90)

This ingenious mug comes in handy in times when your staff, chained to their desks and forced to animate a damn cartoon burger, are starving and in need of some real-world 1-Up shrooms. Stop blowing your moolah on new hardware, thinner netbooks, fancy getaways (no wait, scratch that), more black executive-looking folders and get this instead because seriously, you’ve got to be blind not to notice that we’re on a staple diet of biscuits and coffee. The dunk mug safely stores yummy cookies under the steaming frothing cuppa, warming those delectable baked goodies just nicely. You don’t even need plates for those biscuits too, though we’ll have switch to buying the round Jacob Weetameal biscuits instead of the square ones. (link)

2. Piegato Board

This awesome wall mounted avant garde creation is a foldable device that’s great for hanging all sorts of fanboy paraphernalia or hot chick accessories (as illustrated) and neatly packs up into a flat board when not in use. Easy to carry and easy to install, it’s also perfect for scribbling down hurricane ideas – dawns on you like Zeus riding on a wave of lightning rods then spirals out of your mind quicker than you can say, “igotabrilliantideabutilostit”. Ignore new age blonde statements on chalkboard please. (link)

Geddit? geddit? So run along now and please buy them. Hipsters will always like fancy chic ideas.


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Frames never looked so sexy


With this, I can transform into the ultimate office vixen!

*Unleashes Secretary Death Stare superpower move no.56 onto hapless victims*

I’m so kidding myself.

(Fuck the frames are gonna cost a bomb so big my bank vault’s got a smokin’ crater.)

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Striking the right note

I just stumbled upon this adorable little virtual wonderland that produces all these gloriously cutesy fancy notebooks and sketchbooks and myriads of paper products! Well all right, it’s just notebooks, sketchbooks and planners. But they’re just so pretty! So pretty my eyes went diamond solitaire and my hands inexplicably reached out and clawed at the monitor.

The brand’s Daycraft.

Here’s the Juicy collection.

Fantastic isn’t it! There’s more!

The Signature, cOOl and Animal Pals range. Ah, imma squeal to death now.

*images from Daycraft.

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Aww inducing kitties

IT MEOWS! *heart explodes with joy and fuzzy feelings*

Check out the comment in teal box! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Vision on a mission

Vision on a mission
Percolation in the kitchen
A composition of action and diction
Musicians high on substance and percussion

Okay, I can’t stand not putting these up. Bear with the sudden video influx. 😀

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Brat Pack Mashup)

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Brooklyn Brat Pack Mashup)

The Beatles: Rock Band Opening Cinematic

White Rabbits – Percussion Gun (on David Letterman)

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Hankering for some blings

I want this!

And this! Gotta remind myself to ask Tiff on Monday.

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Vote Earth Posters

They’re too pretty to be ignored 🙂 Goodies come here.

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