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Three Word Status: Taking the plunge

I emptied 1/3 of my water bottle onto my keyboard and now I gotta use a crappy one. That’s all you need to know.


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Three Word Status: House on fire

Once upon a time during my carefree idle days of university, I decided to check a friend’s blog and subsequently clicked on her user profile on Blogger. I found that  not only was she managing one, but three blogs all together. LO AND BEHOLD, not only was one of them incredibly personal but it wasn’t even managed privately. I wouldn’t be bothered if the blog was all about an emo punk kid whining about how sorry his ass was, but this, this was so, so intensely graphic due to the nature of its sexual content and the fact that it was written by someone close to us (who obviously didn’t know better than to spill her sexual fantasies all over the World Wide Web). It’s pornographic! And I wasn’t the only one who saw it. Another friend did too. So we hurriedly expressed our findings to said friend and in a matter of seconds, it’s off the blogosphere.

Years later, the subject was once again brought up between the two of us. We talked about it, laughed over it and moved on to another hilarious episode of our varsity days. It’s nice to know that a bond still holds strong.

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Three Word Status: Handle with care

I’ll admit that I’m a complete klutz and accidents never fail to happen around me. I dunno why, but I seem to attract mishaps. Like the last time I picked up a salt and pepper shaker combo at the shop selling dinnerware, I dropped it. And the time when the box of tissues just somehow, SOMEHOW went crashing to the floor at Nyonya Colours. I hate to admit it but I’m a magnet for disaster. So when I borrowed Don’s Grado Labs SR125 worth SGD300++, he uttered these three golden words of advice to me with eyes the size of pingpong balls, “HANDLE. WITH. CARE.”

I couldn’t help feeling really, really sheepish.

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Three Word Status: Curb your appetite

There comes a time when people will experience a shift, whether it’s a minor imbalance or a breakdown of seismic proportions. When that happens, they react differently to the change but in the process of coping, they lose a part of themselves. Some people lose their faith, their religion, their hope. Some lose their sanity, their identity, their ties, their locks, their homes, their wealth, their health, their pulse.

And me? That day I lost my appetite.

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Random Mini Project

Imma embark on a teensy weensy project, aptly titled the ‘Three Word Status’. Three Word Status is a spontaneous account of daily events, humorous or personal, published on my messenger. Stories unfold here.

So far, the list is short but peel your eyes and plug in your peripherals, for it WILL grow (depending on my level of enthusiasm, cross my knobby fingers).

List so far:

  1. Curb your appetite
  2. Handle with care
  3. House on fire

Cross my knobby fingers.


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