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Eat dirt, you scum.

The raptor steadies its gaze upon the unsuspecting prey, unfurls its majestic wings and leaps off the edge ready for the kill. It crashes spectacularly on the ground, succeeding only in landing a mouthful of dirt.

Not far away, its victim unleashes a piercing cackle. Never has the raptor suffer such indignity. “Just you wait, you bitch. Imma nail you on the ass the next time, and I’ll make sure the first damn thing I do is to tear your larynx apart.”


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My eyes are watering. Water, water, watering.

I hate it when people ask what I have working on at the moment so they can dump some other random job on me.

They’ll start by asking, “What do you have on your side today?” And I won’t be able to answer. Do I say, “I have Operation Cheeseburger due tomorrow” and stop there? Because knowing what’s coming, I definitely WILL not have just Operation Cheeseburger on my plate (no pun intended). Pretty soon, they’ll come back to me to proofread, do copy amendments, write copy with no briefs or even something I had no prior knowledge about. Or maybe there’ll be a complete rewrite of what I had just completed. I’m not saying thay I suck, but sometimes it involves some whole cosmic thing going on like planets aligning, ya know?

And I’m ALWAYS proofreading. New regulations. Before sending mocks over to the client, gotta copy check. They don’t know know time consuming proofreading can be. They think oh hey, just read through and see if it sounds right and bingo we can print it. NO. It never works that way. Everytime I proofread, I still see mistakes cropping up here and there. Oh, the designer forgot to use the latest copy. Oh, wrong picture attached to description. Oh, wrong price. Oh, colossal fuckup, have to redo the layout. I always have to cross-check using the latest copysheet I have and amend from there. So I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT, HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT, when they ping me too often to ask if I’m done checking. “Are you done checking?” “Are you done checking?” “Have you gone through the copy?” My eyes also bleeding already la.

I wanna stab somebody’s eye out.


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My bodily functions have ceased to work

My wrist feels numb.

My gum is sore.

My brain is absent from work.

How la how? How to work?

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Bring on the instant noodles!

Hi, it’s been a long while. I’ve been multitasking and working late nights, so it’s been exhausting. I think I’m burning out already, or whatever it is that describes the feeling of endless despair and hopelessness, and the feeling that I don’t have a life or something to that extent. Adding to that crazy mix of emotions is the thought that I’ll soon be swapping my designer seat for a copywriter’s. While still doing a bit of designing.

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. *Censors personal opinion*

I’m a designer by contract and now I’m filling in as a copywriter when the copywriter leaves by end of the month. I don’t know how it’s going to be when the time comes so hopefully everything straightens out by then. I’m just not too keen on working weekends as a designer while writing copy on weekdays. I’m putting my foot down. Saying no, or something  like that.

See, I’m not a natural in writing. I’m worried that I’ll be facing a tough time soon adjusting to the idea of writing copy for every single job brief I’m going to get by May. I’m trying really hard to adopt that ‘come what may’ attitude (no pun intended) to work now because if I don’t I’ll seriously crack under the load of work and pressure.

On the other hand, I just bought my pair of Levi’s straight cut jeans dirt cheap from the recent Levi’s and Dockers warehouse sales. Two pairs actually, at the cost of RM100 each. I finally own a pair (or two!) of Levi’s! With my own hard earned money! Toiled through blood (hard to survive this industry without ever sustaining papercuts), sweat and tears!!! I’m so happy I can die! There’s a Pull & Bear warehouse sale coming next so it’s time for the instant noodles, home cooked lunch boxes and milo drinks  diet regime again.

Behold, online conversation with pal:

Me: i need happies before i depart for the land of crazies
Ling: by land of crazies u mean?
Me: land of crazies meaning before i go delusional and crazy la
Me: before i lose my sanity
Me: before i crack
Me: before i burnout
Me: before i meltdown
Me: before i become a barren land of nuclear waste
Me: before i start chirping like a nightingale

Imma getting myself something HAPPY for all the shit I put myself through. I need to make myself HAPPY, listen to HAPPY music, read more HAPPY books, watch HAPPY movies and sitcoms and hopefully still stay sane at the end of the year.


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A long post of ranting and gut spilling

It’s been a hellish week. I’ve been working on POSM for the two weeks on a daily basis and it’s now down to final artwork stage. Get it ready for colour separation and printing then poof, job’s done and I can probably get a brief break from the craziness that I’ve been in. That’s what I thought it should be.

Everything had to be done on a daily basis and sent for client approval, so everything had been a rush job. I’ll start work in the morning and fix those six sets of POSM by evening and send them to the client, then tomorrow the same cycle repeats if say, they disapprove over something regarding the visuals or the copy, or they come up with a footnote and request it to be in all the visuals, or they hate the picture we chose and request for another round of image selection. Then in between I’ll be  working on other job requisitions and by the time I’m done with work, it’s past 9pm and I’ll dash to catch the train home to continue with work. By the time I get home, bathe, eat my dinner and get back to work, it’s 12am. When I’m done with work, it’s 3 in the morning. It’s all so, so exhausting.

On the other hand, I’m hare-brained by nature so I tend to make a lot of mistakes. But ever since I started working, I’ve tried really, really hard to be cautious. When I’m done with work, I’ll run through them again and again so I don’t leave out any odd mistakes. But as usual, I still make mistakes here and there so it’s also my fault that I have to keep fixing my work everytime.

I had no idea how frustrating final artwork can get and I finally got my dose of it. When colleagues get back to me about errors in the final artwork, I take it graciously and amend it. Plenty of minor tweaking here and there, fix it, print it for review, then somebody spots another problem and it’s back to fixing it again, printing it again and another round of proofreading and checking. I had 6 POSM to handle and each took about 6 rounds or more of editing.

It got so frustrating when I had to amend so many in so many rounds I got angry at everything. I got angry at myself and work because I couldn’t seem to get it done with and my colleagues keep getting back to me about stuff to amend. I keep thinking that it’ll never end and I got so mad at everything that it drove me up the wall. It was just too many to handle at one time and I didn’t even have time to check for consistency in my work.

I need an outlet to vent my frustration because I keep feeling like I want to stab someone in the eye with a pencil. Or throw something and do massive damage. Or just stare out into space and give my brain some peace. I better start brushing up on my drawing skills again because my dream of being an illustrator suddenly seemed very, very appealing to me.


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I will refrain from raining insults on random pedestrians

I’ve been amending the same EDM for like, 6-7 times.

*Pauses for effect and proceeds to skip off and grab a pitchfork*

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My perpetual writer’s block

So hey, it’s been another grueling week and I have survived it! Thus far! I’ve been down on my knees last week (or rather, down to my <this is seriously good shit and I saved my brain from exploding time and again) designing and copywriting because the sole copywriter went on a blissful holiday to Boracay.

Yeah, I’ve been doing some copywriting too because Lou Sai (my creative head) said he wanted to “skew me towards copywriting” and I thought, hey why not, it’ll be an advantage for me to be able to cover and learn about the two aspects that make up the Holy Bible of Advertising. So I said yes and next thing I know, I had to write for newsletters and a press release.

I don’t think my writing skills is on par with some of the copywriters I’ve known because I’m not accustomed to writing to convince people to buy stuff. I’m better with random emo one-liners injected with emoticons, crafted with the level of English a simpleton can understand. But I love witty tag lines and creative (Gosh I’m beginning to hate that word cause it’s starting to get as annoying as an overplayed song on body copies written as if the words themselves can inspire you to do exactly what they want you to.

The power of persuasion from one simple sentence can be so magnifying that the next minute you’ll be out the door buying burgers at the drive thru cause it’s on promotion. Like prosperity burgers and curly fries, mmm curly fries…

But I digress, so… Now I know that copywriting isn’t an easy thing to do and I can’t listen to my songs while I get my brain cracking on the opening line of the paragraph. It’s so nerve-wracking to have to think of appropriate words and have rock music blasting and disrupting my train of thought. By the time I finish writing, my brain’s so fuddled that I just stone and stare into space for a while to resurrect my dead brain cells.

I have no idea how some of the award-winning ads can feature one simple line of sentence and yet, that line of sentence is so impactful that it delivers the message straight across without having to say much. Those that go, oh my god that’s so simple that even I could’ve come up with that but I didn’t. Same goes with musicians who write their own song lyrics, and no, not those lyrics that repeat over and over again like that crappy pop song telling you to shayke it, shayke it. Or that no-brainer that goes “Say what you need to say” x1000 to infinity. Those copywriters and musicians must have been smoking weed and popping in a whole bag of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to come up with those gems.

So here’s to saluting all the copywriters and some of my favorite indie bands out there and that I can never be among the ranks of all of you. Maybe I can but it’ll take light years and when I do get an award for some wordy masterpiece, it’s posthumous.

Mei, don’t gloat.


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