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Persistent Bugging Should Be Exercised With Caution

There was this grumpy auntie driving a big expensive car behind me who wouldn’t stop honking because I was waiting for the traffic to subside a little. Auntie had her crabby panties on because we were at a junction with fast traffic and I wouldn’t budge. I bet she’s the same kind of woman who double parks at other people’s inconvenience just so she can pay her bills.

Maybe I should get a big black mean-looking truck next time. Bah!


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Waiting for the Green Light

Is my Hong Kong trip with my mum still on or what? I’m bored shitless waiting at home for something exciting to chance upon my doorstep (which is wrong for me to think so) but I can’t leave now since I’m booked on the 8th and 11th of Aug for my Convocation. Yep, I’m graduating! Hoorah! *throws around confetti*

But ever since mum read about typhoons and storms in the papers, the date has been pushed further and further. So I have no idea if I’m still going somewhere or nowhere.

On the other hand, I’ve been learning to drive again. I got my driver’s license since four years ago and I haven’t got a chance to sit behind the wheel and go for a spin yet. So I’ve been doing my practice rounds in my neighbourhood. So far, no fatalities and dents yet but dad still insists that I drive on the left lane to stop hogging the fast lane. I’ve got honked twice by other drivers, once because I wasn’t accustomed to checking my side view mirror before I cut into another lane and the other because I was considered a tad slow by the driver behind me. AND I WAS ON THE LEFT LANE! I wasn’t even crawling at the speed of twenty but a forty! Drive the right lane if I’m too slow for you la, bugger! Yeah yeah, stereotype me la.


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